Best School Bags For Your Child – My Fav Bag Wala

Best School Bags For Your Child – My Fav Bag Wala

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Are you trying to decide on the best school bag for your child? If yes, you need to look no further as My Fav Bag Wala is your best bet to buy the school bags online. Picking the right school bag for your child can be challenging, given the massive choice and range of school bags available. But while you are buying school bags for your child, you need to involve them in the will to ensure that they are happy.

Tips for buying schoolbags:

Weight of the schoolbooks:

Depending on what school stage your child is at, the weight of their books can vary greatly. Often kids are seen struggling to school with sweaty bags that look bigger than them. It is essential that as they move into older classes and have more books, their back is ergonomically correct for their perfect stage. You need to check for the padding around the lower back and the straps and plenty of space for all the books that they need.

It would be best if you weren’t tempted to buy a bigger schoolbag because it will work for a few years, so it is better to buy the right size school bag for the books that your child has now and then upgraded. You can find different types of schoolbags in the My Fav Bag Wala. Fashion and styles change two, and what your child might like today may not like the same next year, so it can be a false economy to try and cover several years with just one school bag. One of the best ways to cut down on the weight of the school bags is to buy softcover folders and notebooks instead of hardcover ones.

You could look at purchasing a second copy of some heavier books if the budget stretches so that your child has one set at home and one for the school, and they don’t even have to carry a lot of weight to and from school every day. It would be best if you considered while choosing the best school back for your child that the total weight of your child packed school must not exceed their body weight.

Adjustable Straps

Two shoulder straps are some of the bests, putting minimum strain on the back, shoulders, and neck muscles. However, you need to ensure that you adjust the shoulder straps once your child has all their books, stationery, etc., in their bag to ensure that the child’s posture is in the best possible stage. For example, your child will lean forward too long and too short they might lean backward while putting more strain on the shoulders and nick.

The perfect position is where the bag sits comfortably between the shoulders and in the middle of the back. Hence you should have an adjustable waist strap that helps take the strain away from the shoulders and neck and distributes the weight into the legs and pelvis.

Pockets For Everything:

It is great to have a large center pocket for minimum heavy books and a padded pocket for the rare a laptop-tablet or weighty books. You can visit the My Fav Bag Wala and check out different bags that have additional pockets for everything. You need to ensure that the bag you choose is perfect for your child and has enough pockets. You must ensure that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the bag, with heavier items placed close to the back and less heavy items placed near the front of the bag. It will help balance your little one and not have them pulled backward or forward by the weight.


If your child can walk or cycle and it’s significant to one from school, they can take the bus if possible. It fosters independence, and they can get extra time with their friends besides getting some exercise. Hence, you should visit the My Fav Bag Wala website and look for some waterproof school bags or have a rain cover for days that are not so great. It will protect the items in the bag and save a considerable part of your child’s back.

Cleaning and Refreshing:

You need to simply empty out the contents and sponge it inside and out if your child’s school back is not machine washable with hot soapy water before leaving it to dry. It is also a great way of having to clear out on getting rid of nonessential papers, books, and other items.

Hence while you are buying schoolbags from My Fav Bag Wala, you must know that we are one of the leading shops in India to buy the best bags.