"Elevate your style with My Fav Bag Wala, where every bag is a masterpiece crafted by Mangal Trading Co. Owner Sumit Gupta's vision transforms each piece into a personalized statement of excellence. As manufacturers of customized bags, we blend innovation and quality to create a bespoke experience that reflects your unique taste and individuality. Your journey just got more stylish with My Fav Bag Wala – where custom meets chic."

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Mangal Trading Co. starts business in 2012 & registered its own brand in 2016. My Fav derives from favorite which means desired, like, or trust. My Fav has always created products that are built for the future youth. My Fav is your collaborator during travel. It is our responsibility to make your journey secure and comfy. The legacy of My Fav continues to be as factual as ever and the constantly expanding range of products is only evidence of the high value associated with modernism and development of My Fav.

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